Treating Ticks on Cats

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There are tick powders available in the market for repelling and killing ticks on cats. Before applying the powder, it should be checked if it is suitable for using it on cats. The powder should provide protection against ticks and fleas. It should be applied in small quantity and should be kept away from the mouth and eyes of the cats as it can cause irritation in eyes and lungs if inhaled.

Tick Spray

Tick spray provides quick and effective protection against ticks. The spray repels ticks and also kills them. It should be used if the cat spends fair amount of time outdoors in wooded areas. It should not be used near the face of the cat.

Tick Collars

Tick collars are a good preventive way to protect the cats from ticks. The collar comes in contact with the skin and transfers the chemicals on the fur which repels the ticks. The tick collar generally is effective to protect the neck and head from the ticks. The collar once put around a cat’s neck should provide space for at least two fingers to fit under it. The owners should also watch out for any allergies arising out of the tick collar.

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