Treating Ticks on Cats

Ticks are tiny insects which attach to the host’s skin and feed on their blood. When they feed on the blood of an animal, they can become carriers of diseases and can infect the next animal they bite. These insects are found in wooded areas, tall shrubs and near water. To prevent ticks, cats should be kept indoors most of the times. Some of the remedies and products which help to treat ticks on cats are as follows:


Bathing the cat with a shampoo with a good medicated shampoo can be a basic step towards removing ticks from cats. Such shampoos would generally kill the ticks on contact. This pet owners need to use shampoo on their cats more frequently as the medicated ingredients will not last long. This may be done once in a week or a fortnight as the need may be.

Tick Dips

Tick dips are another effective product for treating the ticks. It needs to be diluted with water before applying on the cat. The tick dip can be applied over the cat fur using a sponge or it can be poured over them also. The cat should not be rinsed immediately after application of the tick dip. Generally, tick dips are strong chemicals and should be used carefully and it should not be applied on kittens below 4 months of age.