Top 5 Cat Breeds in the United States

Cats are popular pets in the United States. In 2017 68% of the total American households owned a pet, which is up from the 56% reported in 1998. The total number of cats as pets was reported to be 95.6 million in 2017. Cats are more popular pets in the US compared to dogs and the cats outnumber the dogs as pets in there. Some of the most popular cat breeds among the Americans are provided below:

Exotic Shorthair

In 2016, the Exotic Shorthair was named as America’s most popular cat breed, displacing the Persian off the perch. The breed is a cross between the Persian and American Shorthair. These cats resemble Persians in every way, except that they have short and dense fur coat which makes them popular. The owners also do not have to face the hassle of daily grooming like in case of Persian cats.