Tips for Treating Dog Diarrhea

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Light and Easily Digestible Diet

During diarrhea, dogs should be provided a light and easily digestible diet. The fiber content in the diet should be increased as it is a good equalizer and also an effective binder. Plain white boiled rice, chicken broth,and pumpkins can be a great diet for dogs suffering from diarrhea as it will be easy to digest and also have high fiber content. It is also recommended to give the dog small meals in fixed duration instead of one large meal as it will be easy to digest.

Provide More Water

Diarrhea can lead to dehydration and weakness in dogs. It is highly recommended to give more water and electrolytes to dogs suffering from diarrhea. It will keep the dogs hydrated and help them to recover faster.

Feeding Probiotics

It is important that the intestinal tract should have good bacteria to improve the intestinal health and help in digestion. Probiotics can be given to dogs suffering from diarrhea, but only on the advice of the veterinarian. Probiotics are good bacteria that is found in the intestinal tracks of the dogs and which help improve the colonic health. It is important to note that dairy products should not be given to dogs as a substitute for probioticsas they are lactose intolerant and it may worsen the diarrhea.



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