Tips for Effective Dog Rescue

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Orient the Adopters

The adopters cannot be expected to know everything about the dog beforehand and may lack the idea of taking care of the adopted dog. The rescue team should orient them and provide them basic tips and preferably written material on taking care of the dog. There are also free videos and other online resources for taking care of adopted dogs, which the adopters can go through. When the adopters are prepared for the dog, the chances of them staying together with the dog increases significantly and both share a strong bond.

Regular Follow Up

Once the dog finds its new adopters and home, it should not be perceived as an end. It is rather a beginning. The rescue and shelter home should follow up regularly with the adopters to understand any problems being faced by them and should resolve them on priority. In the absence of follow up and support, the adopters may find it difficult to resolve the issues faced by them and this may make them frustrated and they may end up returning the dog back. Regular follow up increases the chances of dogs staying together happily with their adopters.


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