Tips for Effective Dog Rescue

Dog rescue teams and organizations identify the dogs in distress, abuse,and uncomfortable conditions and work for its rescue and adoption. The dogs are provided care and support in the shelter and then the suitable home is found for them. The dog rescue efforts require a detailed and sensitive approach as the dogs may be subject to abuse and trauma and it is important to treat them carefully. Some of the important considerations for effective dog rescue operations are as follows:

Plan the Rescue Better

The rescue operations should be better planned. The schedule and plan for the rescue operations through be shared with all the volunteers through effective communication. This will ensure that rescue operations are not random and unorganized and it produces better results. The rescue team should have documented protocols which need to be followed from the time the dog is rescued to the time it spends in the shelter and is finally adopted.

Understand the Dog

As soon as a dog is rescued, the immediate aim should not be to quickly find a new home for it. The rescue and shelter home should not only focus on finding home for dogs but working out a match- the right dog at the right home. The dog should be kept at the shelter home for 2-3 weeks so that it can be understood in detail before adoption takes place. It will help in finding the right home and family for the dog, based on its features and characteristics.