Siamese Cat: Characteristics and Details

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Grooming and Care

The short and fine hair of the Siamese cat needs minimal grooming and care. Regular combing helps to remove the dead hair and distribute skin oils. Dental hygiene is important and it is recommended to brush the teeth regularly to prevent any dental diseases. Scheduled visits to the veterinarian is also recommended to take care of any existing diseases or potential health issues. The nails should also be trimmed every 10-14 days.


Though the Siamese is known to be a healthy and resistant breed, it can develop some health issues with time. The breed is known to develop respiratory diseases and other disorders like crossed eyes and kinky tail. It is also reported to suffer from gallbladder stones and other eye-related health issues.

Children and Other Pets

Due to their social inclination and nature, the Siamese cat is perfect pet for children and other pets in the home. It is an attention seeking cat breed and likes to play and wants the owners to spend time with it. It can get along very well with other pets. The Siamese cat does not like to be left alone for extended periods. Considering they get along well with other pets, it is a good idea to have a second Siamese or other pets to give it company.



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