Preventive Measures for Ticks on Dogs

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Using Preventive Products

There are many good preventive products available in the market which can repel and kill the ticks on dog fur. Tick spray and shampoos are effective and they can be applied on the dogs regularly to kill the ticks. Tick powder is also medicated and should be used in small quantities on the fur of the dog. It kills the ticks and prevents any infections. Tick collar can also be used to tie around the dog’s neck. This will repel the ticks from the dogs and kill them also. These preventive products should not be used near the eyes and mouth of the dogs as it can cause irritation and inflammation.

Avoid Old Preventive Products

The pet owners should not use old preventive products on dogs. The old products past its expiry date are useless and they do not provide adequate protection from ticks.

Consult the Veterinarian Regularly 

Dog owners should consult their veterinarian regularly and schedule frequent checkup of their pets. The doctor can check for any signs of ticks and related infection and provide the correct preventive measure and medication as required.

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