Preventive Measures for Ticks on Dogs

Ticks are a common problem with dogs. They attach themselves with the dog’s skin and feed on the blood of the host. These ticks can lead to infections and other related diseases in dogs. It is important to take appropriate preventive measures to prevent ticks and related infections in dogs. The major preventive measures for the same are as follows:

Oral Medication

Pills are available for dogs which are to be administered once a month. These pills are effective in killing the ticks and fleas. The medicines can protect the dogs from ticks for one month. The pet owners should be very careful before purchasing the medicines and should read the label thoroughly. They should also consult their veterinarian before administering such medication to their dogs.

Check for Ticks Regularly

The pet owners should regularly check for ticks on their dogs. For dogs, areas between the toes, under the tail, lips, near the eyes etc. should be checked as ticks are generally found in these areas. Spotting ticks and removing them immediately before it infects the dog is the Most Unexceptional preventive measure. Regular grooming and cleaning of the dog is also highly recommended as not only does it provide the owners to spend good time with the dogs, they can also detect any ticks during grooming their dogs. They can keep a regular eye on the ticks on their dogs while grooming and cleaning them.