Natural Remedies For Cats With Kidney Disease

If you cat sufferers from kidney failure, you need to monitor the acid content of the food carefully. Honey is the most suitable of sugars that can be deal with the kidneys, but do not give more than half a teaspoon per day. Dilute the honey in spring water and add 1/3 of a teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar.

Herbal remedies

The best way to administrator natural kidney remedies is to prepare a tisane (herbal tea). Useful herbs include parsley, shepherd’s purse, golden rod, cleavers, yellow deadnettle, yarrow, horsetail, marigold and stting nettle. To make a tisane use one teaspoon of the required herbs and pour 150ml of boiling water over the them. Leave to infuse for one minute. For all kidney disorders give four dropperfuls, four times a day.

Parsley has a cleansing and toning effect on the system, so offer your cat fresh chopped parsley. If she does not accept it, prepare a parsley tisane. The parsley tisane is so beneficial that it should be given in addition to all other treatments.