Is your Dog Ate Catnip!

When my dog ​​ate catnip, immediately I surprised if he was going to start running around like a nut or whether, instead, he’d die. I had no idea what to expect. I think you will feel rest-assured after we discuss a few things.

It will not poison your dog! Most dogs have no negative reaction at all. At the most there may be some upset stomach but nothing major. That would also only be if he ate A LOT of it. My dog ​​managed to eat the cat’s two catnip mice. No problem. His stool was a bit runny the next day but nothing of major concern.

He might start sneezing but that will be the worst of it. You will not see your dog get overly sick and sneezing to the point of not being able to do anything else. It may seem more like he got dust in his nose. Basically, depending on where the catnip was when he accessed it, it was very well able to be from the catnip going into his nostrils. Was it loose in a bag or was it part of a mouse that stayed together for the most part. If he chewed the mouse to shreds then he probably got some catnip in his nose!