Learn The Secrets Your Cat’s Tail Reveals!

Held High – A content, confident cat will hold their tail high in the air. A tail that is erect usually signifies a happy and friendly mood. If a cat approaches you with their tail high in the air and the end of their tail quivers, this usually means that he / she adores you.

Almost every time my tabby cat Tiger sees me, his tail is quivering. That lets me know that he really loves me.

Laying Low- A tail that is positioned straight down, parallel to the legs, may indicate aggression. So, when you see this, be careful when approaching the cat. Now, some breeds are the exception to this mood indicator. Some breeds tend to carry their tails lower like the Exotics, Persians and Scottish Folds.

Question Mark? – When the tail is bent in the shape of a question mark, your cat is in a playful mood. This is a good time to find one of their favorite toys and play with them.

My tuxedo cat Midnight is notorious for showing me this tail position when he wants to play. His favorite game is bally ball (remember I talked about that in another email).