Labrador Retriever

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Grooming and Care

The Labrador has thick and dense coat which is water-repellent and also provides shed to the dog. The dog should be provided occasional bath to ensure their cleanliness and their nails should be trimmed regularly. Dental hygiene is important for this breed and hence their teeth should be brushed frequently.


Generally, the Labrador Retrievers are healthy dogs. The most common health issues in them are the malformation of hips and elbows-hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. They are also affected by eye-related health disorders like retinal atrophy and cataracts. These dogs can also develop serious and life-threatening stomach disorder called bloat. They should be taken to regular visits to the veterinarian for keeping them healthy and free from these disorders.


These dogs should be given high-quality dog food as recommended and approved by the veterinarian. The diet should be according to the dog’s age. Owners should track the calorie consumption and weight of the dogs to prevent them from getting overweight. They should be given clean and fresh water for drinking.


Labrador Retrievers are very energetic dogs who need high degree of outdoor exercise. They should be taken for outdoor exercises like retrieving, swimming, hunting expeditions, etc. If not taken for outdoor exercises, they can release their pent-up energy in destructive and hyperactive behavior.



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