Just How Smart Is a Cat?

Of all the pet animals, the cat is perhaps the fastest learner due to its ability to get and retain information to find a solution to problems. When an adult cat is placed in a room which it has never seen before, every corner and nook is inspected with the help of its instincts. According to behaviorists, this necessity to carry out “basic research” gives the cat important, life-surviving information about its environment. So, the saying “curiosity killed the cat” is a misnomer, since it actually gives the cat its reputation for having 9 lives.

The highlight of a cat’s intellect is its ability to utilize the information retained to address problems. Cats have the skill to form “learning sets”, which used to be done only by primates. For instance, when trained cats rolled boxes on wheels, this revealed that they could combine that skill and their insight to solve other problems.