How to choose the name of a cat?

Choosing the name of a cat is a key moment in his little life and his own. Before deciding how you will call your cat, it is important to understand that the chosen name will be part of the daily link that you will create with your companion.Your cat deserves to have a name as special as it is for you.

How to choose the name of a cat? – 3 basic tips

Choosing the name of your cat is a very personal decision and no one can tell you if it is right or wrong, correct or incorrect. Nevertheless, there are some tips to consider when deciding how to call your feline, so that he gets used to his name and education.

Here are 3 basic tips for choosing the name of your cat:

  • Names for short, easy-to-pronounce cats: Giving your cat a short name will help him understand it faster. We advise you a maximum of 3 syllables!
  • Do not use everyday words: If you give the name of a word that you are likely to pronounce everyday like “morning, day, night, life etc…, it is possible that your cat gets confused and do not know when you call it, so we recommend you bet on creativity and find a name that is more original!
  • Learn the meaning of cats’ names: Another tip to choosing the perfect name for your cat is to know its meaning, so you will choose a name that will perfectly match your personality and physical appearance.

Choosing a name for your white cat

Although obviously the name we will choose should please us, it must also fulfill a series of conditions so that your cat is able to retain it and understand that it is indeed him when you to call by name.

At first, it is necessary that the name of your white cat is short and comprehensible, formed by 2 or 3 syllables maximum and with a good sound so that it is able to recognize it easily and that there is not confusing.

Speaking of confusion, the name of your white cat should not look like any other word that you often use when talking to him or other animals in the house. For example, you will have to avoid the kind of names such as Gael, Amel or Gabriel that look too much like: Bowl.

In the same way, you will have to repeat your cat’s name often enough to understand that you are waiting for a reaction from him. Generally, cats take between 5 to 10 days to make the relationship and recognize their name.

The ideal is to find a unique name in accordance with his personality, his physical characteristics or both. This name must catch its attention.