Dog Breeds

France: BichónFrisé

The Bichón is characterized, mainly, by its silky and curly hair, of an intense white color. This implies that this dog requires frequent care in regard to hair if we do not want to face the problem of entanglements.

Regarding its character, this breed stands out for being always animated, as well as for its intelligence, which greatly facilitates its training. Despite being a small dog, it is also worth mentioning his patience, courage and attention span.

England – Bedlington Terrier

Specialized from the beginning in the hunting of rats and mice, this race of British origin immediately became the favorite of small merchants, although it was also common to find these dogs accompanying the miners. Its friendly appearance makes the Bedlington a valued companion animal beyond its qualities to end the plagues of rodents.

Italy: Napolitano Mastiff

These imposing-looking dogs are direct descendants of the so-called Roman war dogs, or Molosser. In the time of the Roman Empire, these dogs faced warriors as well as wild animals. Currently, his work is more linked to surveillance, as a guard dog of plots or houses.

In some countries like Austria or Germany, the Neapolitan Mastiff is included in the list of potentially dangerous dogs, although they also stand out for being very faithful and family dogs.

Croatia: Dalmatian

The Dalmatian is, thanks to cinema and television, one of the most famous races in the world. In addition to the mythical film, its fame also contributes, as it could not be otherwise, its characteristic mottled coat, practically unique in the canine universe. Their striking specks do not appear in puppies until a few days after birth. After a year of it, the coat always stays the same.In regard to their character, they can be described as sociable and more than suitable for family life. They also stand out for their extraordinary sensitivity, so special care must be taken during their training.