Dog Breeds

Dogs have been living with us almost since the dawn of humanity. Already in those times they assumed different roles such as those of shepherd of the flock, vigilant guardian or companion of the men during the hunt. In more modern times it is very common to find police dogs, capable of performing tasks as specialized as searching for missing persons or locating drugs and explosives.

The characteristics of the different dog breeds cataloged around the world were created to fulfill some specific functions, which is still noticeable by observing the physiognomy and appearance of some varieties of dogs. At present, the FCI (FederaciónCinológicaInternacional) recognizes up to 340 different dog breeds.

This process of domestication and reproduction has caused dogs to develop in different types or groups. Today, we have breeds of small dogs, breeds medium dogs and large dogs. Man has raised dogs through artificial selection for millennia. This has led to different forms of dogs (such as exotic dogs), behaviors and sizes. Some of the different breeds of dogs with their country of origin include:

Belgium: Saint Hubert dog (Bloodhound)

Raised in its infancy by the monks of the Belgian monastery of Saint-Hubert came to England in the eleventh century, where he received the popular name of Bloodhound by which he is known mostly in our days. The reason for this second nickname is not entirely clear.

As for his personality, one could say that the Bloodhound is docile, affectionate and intelligent. Its anatomy allows it to sniff at ground level without having to bend over, which facilitates its tracing work, the main characteristic of the hounds. He is able to find a trail and follow it even though a few days have already passed.

Germany: Weimar Braco

The origin of his name can be found in the great Duke Charles Augustus of Saxony-Weimar-Eisenach, of nineteenth-century Germany. Puppies of this breed have all eyes of a bright blue color, which becomes light amber or dark amber as they reach an advanced age.

The Braco has a loving and versatile character and was traditionally used as a hunting dog. It is a dog that requires a lot of physical exercise and to which it is convenient to clean the ears frequently to avoid infections.