Common Cat Diseases

Cats are subject to many common diseases. Some of these diseases can be chronic and fatal for the cats. The owners should regularly check their cats for symptoms which may indicate the occurrence of any disease. The pet owners should get their cats vaccinated and take them to regular visits to the veterinarians for prevention of these diseases. Some of the most common cat diseases are provided below:

Feline Rabies

Rabies affects the cat’s brain and is passed on due to being bitten by an infected animal. The symptoms include involuntary muscle movement, aggressiveness, excitability etc. It is an inflammatory infection which is near fatal and there is no treatment for it till date. Prevention is the only option for protecting the pet cats from this disease. The pet cats should be made to stay indoors to avoid coming in contact with an infected animal.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

The FIV affects a cat’s immune system. The virus infection takes long to manifest itself and takes severe toll on the cat. Once the disease takes it hold, the immune system of the cat is considerably weakened. The infection is mostly passed on due to being bitten by an infected animal and is some rare instances it is transferred from a mother to her kittens. The symptoms include enlarged lymph nodes, eye infections, loss of fur, weight loss etc. There is no cure to this, but with medication, the duration and quality of life of the cat can be ensured.