What make Siamese Cats Expensive?

Assuming that you want a pedigree kitten for showing or breeding purposes, you can contact a local or national cat registry to find out details of local breeders. Speak to a few to get an idea of ​​the cost of their kittens and also their pedigree. Prices can range from hundreds to thousands of pounds depending on the lineage of the kitten.

Other costs

Buying a cat is not the only cost to consider before starting the process – there are ongoing costs to think about. Yes, there is the food bill, cat litter, toys, and cat furniture to buy on an ongoing basis but there is also vets fees to consider.

As a rule, Siamese are reliably healthy cats and do not have the problems associated with longhaired breeds such as the Persian. Many of the genetic problems that once afflicted the breed are far less common due to the diligent work of breeders to remove these genetics from the breeding pool. Kittens that have these problems likely will not be sold to anyone planning to show or breed for obvious reasons.

Siamese are on the list of breeds that are more prone to developing respiratory issues, particularly in younger cats. These include infections caused by calicivirus and feline rhinotracheitis virus. This is often because adult cats have received their shots that save them from the infections but the youngger cats may not have yet had their.