What make Siamese Cats Expensive?

Siamese cats remains one of the most popular breeds of cat in the US and around the world. Their cost to buy can vary depending on their breeding pedigree, their color and other factors. So is the Siamese expensive? What costs are involved as well as the purchase price?

Upfront costs

The first choice to make when it comes to getting any breed of cat is do you want to adopt a kitten from a breeder or rehome an adult cat either from a breeder or from a shelter? Rehoming is generally cheaper than buying a pedigree kitten but the pedigree of the cat is less likely to be known. They are also liable to have neutered or spayed so will not be any good if you are planning your own breeding program. On the turn side, if you want to do some good and take in an animal abandoned by someone else to make a loving and interesting companion, then a cat from a shelter will be ideal.